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A Bathroom layout with finesse

The bathroom is the area in the home for which many of you do not spend the necessary time focusing on decorating the other rooms. But think about it, we spend a lot of time in the bathroom.

Use these tips and tricks for a bathroom layout, colour palettes, decorations and lighting to turn your bathroom into a beautiful intimate space.

You enter the bathroom in the morning, preparing for the day. Also, go in the evening to relax after work and wash away the stress of the outside world. You also enter during the day if you are at home.

So why not turn your bathroom into an intimate space that creates peace and tranquillity for you?


The bathroom is usually an area with a specific position and features. However, there are constructions you can make purely cosmetically without messing with plumbing pipes unless you choose the whole process of breaking down and repairing to make a complete change in the home.

Creating a freely open space will make a big difference in how a bathroom looks. Replacing your built-in bathtub with a free-standing one or replacing a colossal shower quad with a simple glass separation will positively change without much effort.
Why not consider adding some extra cabinets to the bathroom so many towels, toilet paper, various products, etc., can be stored away to reduce clutter. Your personal space is nice to be tidy and calm.
Add character to your bathroom layout and install something practical yet sophisticated.
Bath rugs or mats are an option, but be sure to bring special ones for the bathroom – non-slip and dry quickly. In general, avoid small bathroom mats that look out of place in a larger bathroom and huge ones that stand disharmoniously in a small space.

Bathroom layout – STYLE and COLORS

A bathroom is a place with a particular function, so make sure that whatever style you choose for your bathroom. It is good to be in sync with the rest of the house. If you have selected a classic interior, make the bathroom classic! If your home is modern, it is good that the restroom is modern.
Larger bathrooms have space and help with a darker colour palette, while smaller bathrooms need light and space. It can only be achieved with a softer colour palette and mirrors, lots of mirrors!
Don’t limit your colour palette to just putting colour on the walls. Be creative and bring colours with your decoration through tiles, shower curtains and towels. Even faucets and sanitary are a way to add colour and personality to the bathroom.

Invest in quality tiles in your bathroom and tiling grout that will not stain or discolour moisture in the bathroom. If you choose a specific colour in your bathroom, choose a tile that gives a subtle wink to the paint. It doesn’t have to be bright! Even an indefinite tone that blends with your characteristic colour will add depth to the bathroom.


Focal points in the bathroom can be irritating or spectacular, depending on their place. Starting with a beautiful foot bath or exciting lighting options, you can create a focal point that will distract from the seemingly unpleasant installations.
Using colour to attract attention to the space will have a dramatic effect. When the colour palette of your bathroom is neutral, it is significant.
When the bathroom is tiled and everything is smooth or made of glass, adding texture to the area can create a great focal point.


Why not? Art is difficult to implement in the bathroom, as it is usually a humid environment. If you are passionate about some works of art, make sure they are mounted behind glass and properly insulated to avoid unpleasant fogging of the glass.
Bathroom artwork should be neutral and soothing. Look for some abstract art or photography that matches your colour palette.

In addition to traditional artwork or photography in the bathroom, consider placing shelves on an empty wall. You can add decorations on the shelves to create a mood.
If you have windows, look for unique blinds in a classic bathroom style or modern ones that add a perfect finish similar to the furniture. If you like more curtains on the windows, look for a soft fabric that will dry quickly in the room with steam.
Boldly add live plants and greenery to the bathroom. One of the easiest ways to add life to a boring bathroom is to include plants that will grow in a humid environment. Make sure you also consider the amount of natural light that enters your bathroom. A light bath may look bright, but it may not get enough sunlight for the plants. Use hanging towels to create a texture in the bathroom in different sizes and colours and complement the colour palette.

When you think about the bathroom layout, it comes to mirrors – the bigger you put, the better.

Mirrors make the room look open and more extensive while reflecting light. They reflect you in all your splendour! It is easy to make the bathroom chic with just one mirror. Avoid first-aid mirrors and choose framed mirrors that become the focal point.

LIGHTING and LAYOUT of the bathroom

Think about day and night lighting and creative lighting options for different times. Bright light can be helpful during the day, but in the middle of the night, bright light will be aggressive not only for those who use the bathroom but also for those who try to sleep near the bathroom.
Candles work incredibly well in the bathroom – especially one with a bathtub. They add a soft glow (especially those with aromatherapy oils) and can provide extra comfort and romance when you relax. Make interesting combinations and add candles of different heights, shapes and colours.

Lighting is an essential part of decorating your bathroom. Use hanging lighting around the mirror to give it character or possibly some hidden lighting strips behind it to create a soft glow.

The bathroom should have more than one main ceiling lamp.

Make the layout of your bathroom as fun as the rest of your house! Whatever the purpose of the area for your bathroom – be it a family bathroom, private bathroom or toilet, it is a personal space that should harmonize the individual. Your bathrooms should not be purely functional spaces without character.

A Bathroom layout with finesse. Bring it intimacy!

With love,
Pe Tya

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