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Alcoholic drinks must try traveling worldwide

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Secret old recipes, unique new flavors, and high-alcohol drinks are the focus of the article – Alcoholic drinks must try traveling worldwide. The best bars and clubs in the world serve these 11 must-drink spirits, some of which are several hundred years old. From China to Europe, you can try these alcoholic beverages around the world. Even though they are highly alcoholic, they are so popular. Taking one or two drinks during your vacation is an experience you should not miss.

11 Alcoholic drinks must try traveling worldwide:

  • Drink Aperol Spritz in Italy

A wine-based cocktail, Aperol Spritz is delicious and enjoyable to drink, so it’s easy to relax and dizzy just enough before the main courses arrive. Aperol Spritz is a classic popular aperitif in northern Italy, originally from Venice. It is a fantastic drink, a mixture of Campari, prosecco, and sparkling ice water, so it is ideal for refreshing your city vacation.

I am sure that you will notice the orange-reddish drink in tall wine glasses at almost every table in the restaurants in Italy. Aperol spritz is highly refreshing and perfect for the hot summer days of the Mediterranean, so just try this drink while having dinner in Bella Italy.

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  • Try Ouzo in Greece

Aniseed drinks have been something of a second religion in Greece since the time of the Byzantine Empire. The Greeks inhabited the Peloponnese and Smyrna (today’s Izmir) in Asia Minor, were considered masters of ouzo. This alcohol is flavored with anise, fennel, herbs, and mastic. Slightly sweetened aniseed drinks and not-so-high alcohol content usually “lie” the mind and make us overdo it. Greeks never drink without appetizers.

I don’t know about you; I love it with a lump of ice and a little cold water, a coarsely chopped Greek salad with a lot of cheese and oregano, olive oil for an appetizer.

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  • Let us drink Absinthe in France

After being banned for more than 100 years in France, the Green Fairy maintains its popularity. This green alcoholic beverage was a favorite among Parisian writers and artists in the last century, especially in the artistic district of Montmartre. Absinthe is one of the 11 most robust alcoholic beverages to try while traveling.

Today you can drink absinthe, but only a shot, as this drink is quite strong, in many chic bars in Paris. L’Absinthe Café, La Fee Verte, Lulu White are just some of the best places to try the most vital alcoholic beverage in the world. The main ingredients of absinthe are anise, wormwood, and sweet dill.


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  • Choose Sangria to drink in Spain

You probably didn’t know that “Sangria” comes from the word “Sangre,” blood, in Spanish. You have nothing to worry about the ingredients of this alcoholic beverage. This particular name alludes only to the saturated red color of the drink. There is nothing more incinerating than a glass of Sangria in the afternoon with Paella.

The Romans were the first to create the Sangria from grapes in the Middle Ages. As a result, the grape drink becomes a popular low-alcohol beverage to protect against bacteria. The traditional Sangria is made from Tempranillo grapes grown in the Rioja region of Spain. Nowadays, You can try this delicious alcoholic beverage anywhere in Spain and Portugal.

Some recommended places with the best Sangria in Barcelona: coffee and red Sangria in Arcano, watermelon with Sangria in Tickets.

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  • Oh Yes, Gin drink in England!

Gin first arrived in Britain from the Netherlands in the 18th century. It is made from berries, so gin is a fruit-based drink mixed with soda, water, and sometimes a sweetener. The Gin is the first drink to gather women and men in pubs across England. The main reason is the high level of alcohol, which makes all the restraints and fears of the mind disappear.

These days, gin is mixed with various ingredients: mint, lemon slices, black peppercorns, and juicy red-orange. Because gin is highly alcoholic, you will get drunk faster than the speed of light. Therefore, it is always advisable to visit bars in a group. This way, you are safe from a significant travel scam to avoid worldwide, as the cover will be a friendly local.



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  • Why to taste Becherovka in Czech Republic?

The emblematic alcohol of the Czech Republic is beer. Beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic. However, not many people know that the obligatory unusual alcoholic beverage is Becherovka. That’s right, the solid alcoholic drink Becherovka is most prevalent in winter. This drink consists of more than 20 herbs, flavored with cinnamon, mixed with pear or pineapple juice. This is due to the intense aroma of drugs and, of course, 38% alcohol.

The best place to try Becherovka is at Becher’s Bar. This fabulous bar was named after Josef Vitus Becher, in 1807, who turned this alcohol from a digestive drug into the bitter and beloved drinking it is today.


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  • Pimm’s Cup in UK

Suppose you attend the annual Wimbledon or Chelsea flower show on your English holiday. In that case, you will probably drink more than 1 cup of Pimm’s. Pimm’s is the best summer drink during summer events in England – sweet, icy, and served with fruit, perfect for the heat.

However, do not confuse this fruit drink as just an excellent shot because it actually contains 25% alcohol. In addition, Pimm’s is gin-based, which increases alcohol levels, so you may not even notice how 1-2 shots make your head dizzy easily.



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  • Grappa drink in Italy

You can try this delicious grape brandy, famous in Northern Italy, Switzerland, and San Marino. While drinking Aperol at lunch, Grappa is an after-dinner drink that helps grind-heavy pasta or pizza. Therefore, unlike the classic wine, you will consume in tall wine glasses, the Grappa will be available in small gulps of 20-25 grams.

Alternatively, you can try Grappa along with a short espresso or even try it mixed in cocktails. Anyway, you will enjoy trying this famous Italian alcoholic beverage, and you should attach it to your must-have foods and drinks in Italy.



  • Jenever Belgium

The oldest alcohol in Europe, Jenever, is based on gin. Today, however, these days are two very different alcoholic beverages. Therefore, when you are in Belgium, you can try the old and young Jenever, the young Jen as an aperitif, while the old Jen after dinner as a digestive.

Jenever has been the spirit of Belgium for more than 500 years. Many people travel to Belgium to try the best Belgian beer. Nevertheless, Jenever is the traditional alcoholic beverage in Belgium. If you want to buy Belgian Jenever as a souvenir, look for the clay bottle – iconic handmade jugs that store this fantastic drink.

Alcoholic drinks must try traveling worldwide in winter:

  • Gluhwein

Christmas time is one of the recommended times to travel in Europe, and Christmas markets are the most fantastic attraction. Gluhwein is an excellent mulled wine. You can try it at the Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland – just follow the happy singing people.

Unlike red wines, Gluhwein is sweeter, mixed with different citrus fruits, spices, and cinnamon. In addition, you will buy it very warm, so it will keep you warm and provide a sweet and soothing break from walking in the cold European winter.

Unlike cold drinks, Schnapps is also an excellent alternative to flavored alcoholic beverages to try in Europe.

Alcoholic drinks must try in China:

  • Mao-tai liqueur

The national Chinese alcohol Mao-tai is produced in Guizhou Province. Mao-tai was first created during the Ming Dynasty in the 16th century. This must-try alcoholic beverage in China is made from grain. The process takes several years to mix so that the alcohol can breathe adequately.

So if you are traveling to China, definitely try this unique Mao-tai drink. It is best to try it at a temperature of 20-25 degrees, in a special cup in the shape of a tulip. This will allow you to taste the most decadent aromas of this Chinese liquid with the taste of soy sauce.


Different type of Glasses from Amazon♥ Have fun. Try all. Alcoholic drinks must try traveling worldwide. Without trying, you have no way of knowing. Have a measure. A Japanese doctor says that a person gets energy not from food and sleep but from joy. That is why there are vacations, holidays, and trips. To try something new, to enjoy and enrich with different drinks, tastes, and experiences. Burn you!Different type of Glasses from Amazon

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