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The jug material is essential to consider when looking for a new blender. The jugs are available in glass or plastic versions, and both have additional advantages and disadvantages. This article will show you the options on Amazon and what to look for when buying.

What must you do if you don’t have a blender yet?

Blenders are “a must-have” in every household and are necessary for the kitchen! So, whether you want to make a fantastic smoothie or just a milkshake – you will need a blender. The right blender can also change your world, turning a nice smoothie into a great one! That’s why we’ve provided this guide so you can choose the perfect blender for your home. We will teach you everything – from different materials even to speed settings. You will enjoy the ideal smoothie in no time – just read on!

Comparisons of the best blenders: reviews and recommendations! We compared different blenders available on Amazon for you. Here are really the best ones we have selected, reviewed and recommended!

High practicality: This blender set is an excellent solution if you combine healthy smoothies, protein drinks, or milkshakes! This blender has a 300-watt motor that can smoothly mix everything from frozen blueberries and ice to even larger fruits and other liquids. It has a one-touch mixing action, fast and easy to use. The knives are also detachable, easy to clean and dishwasher safe! This blender is also available with two 600 ml bottles with leak-proof lids.

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The lightest: This blender is perfect if you are looking for a portable option. It is lightweight and has a hand blender design, which is relatively compact. The motor is 200 watts, so it is energy efficient and has two speeds. The blender is made of stainless steel and is ideal for mixing everything from ice to frozen foods. This blender measures 6.7 x 7 x 35.8 centimetres. The plastic bending foot is also detachable for easy cleaning!

best blenders

Best for Beginners: This supportive, high-speed blender is the best to extract the most nutrients from fruits and vegetables, making delicious and nutritious blends and foods. It comes with one large cup and one smaller cup that sits upside down on the blender, a closing lid, and a removable handle to take your smoothie with you when you go out. It is easy to use and easy to clean.

Best Blenders: Criteria for shopping

Blenders are a must for any home! But what to watch out for? What types of blenders are available? How about the shape? We’ve put together this shopping criteria list to help you!


When buying a new blender, it is essential to keep in mind the volume of the jug! This value is in millilitres or litres on display. You are trying to decide what volume is best for you when you recommend thinking about: How many portions do you make?

Make sure you have the necessary space for it. For example, if you make smoothies or milkshakes for the whole family, investing in a blender with a large jug like 2 litres is worth it. Also, keep in mind that the larger the capacity of the jug – the bigger the whole blender!


The material used for the jug is imperative to consider when looking for a new blender. The jugs will be available in glass or plastic versions.

Plastic jugs are lighter than their glass versions and will not break when dropped, but they can change their colour with certain foods. Glass jugs are more luxurious but easier to break. Glass is recommended!


Looking for a new blender, I recommend considering how easy it is to clean. The last thing you look for is a problematic blender to clean around the blades and bottom. It is also good to get a blender with parts – such as a jug. You can pass it into the dishwasher. You will liberate a lot of time and have an excellent quality of life in the long run!

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Shopping Guide: All you should know about blenders

Whether you want to make a smoothie, milkshake, or even soup, it starts with finding the right blender for your kitchen.

The perfect blender may be what you need to make a good smoothie tremendous and transform your world!

This list of frequently asked questions will help you! We were hoping you could return home with the perfect blender that meets all your requirements and needs.

Best blenders: How much does your average blender set cost?

The price of the blender will depend on several factors. Such as material, size of the jug, and even how many parts come with it! The blender can generally vary between 50-150 euros and a little even higher! However, it is worth the price and is essential for any household.

Best blenders: What else should you watch out for?

Great question! When looking at blenders, there are several other vital factors to keep in mind. First, you should always check the blender for speed settings. The blender must have at least three speed settings – pulse, low and high. Second, you should pay attention to the controls and the button layout. The perfect blender is extremely easy to use.

Best blenders: How much energy does the blender use?

We recommend that you always choose a blender that is energy efficient, as you will save money on electricity in the long run! It will depend on the model of your blender. Usually, the power of a blender varies between 500W and 1200W.

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Best Blenders: A Shopping Guide


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