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Best Dinner Sets and hacks

Best Dinner Sets

Although choosing a dining set may not seem important to you, we believe that having a piece of suitable equipment can make the eating time much more enjoyable. As well as completely change the look of your kitchen or dining room.

Most of us have at least three meals a day, which means we will use these sets non-stop. To simplify your choice and help you among the many options, we have selected some of the best dinner sets available. Read on to find out the perfect match for your taste.

Plain but sophisticated – Best dinner set

This elegant attractive, and straightforward cutlery set will surely fit well in most homes. Imitating the beautiful finish of bone china, it has a group of 30 pieces containing ceramic plates, bowls, and cups – ideal for the whole household. What’s more, an FDA-certified product free of unwanted chemicals and eco-friendly!

best dinner sets
Editor's Choice


Suitable for dishwasher and microwave

Includes cups, bowls, and plates

White dinner set, great for all occasions

A durable set of 30 parts, ideal for all home decors

Classic and elegant ceramic design


The glasses may seem somewhat small, a matter of preference

Some of the plates may not be large enough for everybody

Lightweight and stackableBest dinner set

If all you search for in your home is this timeless set of cutlery, which is classically elegant and excellent in terms of price/quality. It is a collection of 18 pieces, with many options for each dinner dish. There are plates for more than three dishes, all of which can withstand high temperatures in the microwave or low temperatures in the refrigerator.

best dinner sets
Best Value


Classic set of porcelain tableware for any event

Complete selection of 18 pieces suitable for any dinner

Porcelain designs can withstand different temperatures

Suitable for dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer

The included bowls can hold a lot of food


Porcelain dishes can break quite easily

Some items may have dimples in the glaze

Precisely handmade plates and cups

This luxurious and functional cutlery set is the perfect addition to any home – the best dinner set. Durable ceramic plates are perfect for those who want to bring a little art to their everyday kitchen and dining utensils. Moreover, these dishes are safe to use in the oven, freezer, microwave, or dishwasher.

Luxury Choice


Beautiful set of dishes of 16 parts in different colours

Includes bowls, plates, and cups

Made in England from high-quality ceramics

Suitable for dishwasher, microwave, oven, and freezer

Attractive art on any plate


Side dishes may be too small for some

Dinner plates can be pretty significant for some cabinets

Timeless and universal – Best dinner set

No one will be left without the right plate when you bet on this set of 30 pieces. Ideal for any style, these porcelain plates are suitable for everything from desserts and appetizers to steak and fish. There are even a set of fantastic smaller dishes, all of which are dishwasher safe.

best dinners sets
Best 30-Piece


Durable porcelain coating, ideal for any home

Great when you don’t want to mix table styles

Suitable for all occasions in your dining room

Suitable for microwave, dishwasher, freezer, or oven

One of the best dinner sets for large families


They may lose their lustre after a while

The set of eating utensils may be too small for some customers

Basic service for every day with a non-standard shape

We recommend this option if you are looking for the best dinner set that stands out from the usual round plates. This complete set of dinner plates comes with bowls and side plates in various colours.

best dinner sets
Best 30-Piece


Set of dinner plates with salad plates and bowls

Excellent collection of 12 parts, available in different colours

Convenient addition to your existing utensils

Easy to clean with the dishwasher-friendly design

Suitable for a microwave oven for heating food


It can be noisy when cutting with a knife, which can ruin special moments

The design can be easily scratched and broken

Colours that stand out – Top idea for the best dinner set

If you want dishes that look incredibly colourful, then you will not go wrong with this dining set. This set of 16 attractive and colourful plates will surely attract attention. It has all kinds of dinner plates, salad plates, cups, and bowls.

Best for Hen Party


Suitable for microwave and dishwasher safe

Complete set of cutlery of 16 parts

Many colourful patterns everywhere

Cups included as an addition

Non-stick and easy to clean design


Heat sweltering in the microwave

t is challenging to say whether it is from natural porcelain

Elegant with glossy finishBest dinner set

Who says a practical purchase as a dining set can’t be a great way to show off your artistic side? This collection of dinner plates looks beautiful, with a hand-painted finish that resembles bone china. Durable for everyday use, this set is sure to stand out at any family dinner or party.

best dinner sets
Best Starter


Excellent for indoor and outdoor dining

A total set of dining plates, including bowls and cups

The hand-painted dining set is sure to stand out at any event

Dishwasher safe and microwave safe

You can use it every day, thanks to its strong ceramics


These plates break somewhat easily

Colours may begin to look paler over time

Ideal for any meal

This set of 12-piece dining plates is the perfect choice if you are looking for something sure to impact any environment. Designed by world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsey, this contemporary set is a stylish addition to your cutlery collection.

Best for All Occasions


Beautiful set of plates and bowls

Modern and stylish design, suitable for all occasions

Among the limited editions designed by leading chefs

Excellent services for long-lasting durability

Suitable for dishwasher and microwave


Some dinner plates may be too large for a dishwasher

Not all plates may be of the same glaze quality

Charming rustic design – Best dinner set

If you like a more retro and unique look from your dining sets, then this collection may be proper for you. You can use this set of 12-element turquoise dishes in the microwave and dishwasher.

Best Antique Design


Beautiful table setting for each owner

Excellent high-quality ceramics will resist the test of time

More durable than your standard cookware set

There are salad plates for those who need more space on the plate

Suitable for microwave and dishwasher


More standard dinner plate sizes are in the complect

Some dishes may be too large for certain dishwashers

Durable and easy to clean – Top idea for a best dinner set

If you want to make an elegant table setting, this dining set may be your ideal choice. The 18-piece set will suit your style with its soft grey edging, always stylish.

Best for Daily Use


High resistance to breakage

Clear but elegant design

Light, thin, and easy to work with

The complete set includes dinner plates, side dishes, and cereal bowls

Suitable for microwave, dishwasher, freezer, and oven


May disintegrate into small pieces if dropped

Some may find the design too simple


How to choose the best dinner set?

If you buy a dining set for the first time, the task may seem quite complicated. There are many shapes, colours, and options to choose from. Each with its pros and cons that you need to consider. Here are some things to look for when selecting the best dinner set.

Type and quantity

What kind of dinner service are you looking for? Do you want one that consists mainly of dinner plates, or do you want a complete collection that includes a set of dishes and various other items and bowls? Depending on your individual needs, you may even want something that consists of a salad plate.

Once you choose what parts you want in your collection, be sure to consider how many pieces of each item you need. Make sure you have enough not only for your household but also for all the guests you would welcome.


The design of your dishes will indicate how much you like to show off at your parties and events. Are you looking for a simple dining set – maybe with a timeless style in white or something that looks like bone china? Or are you interested in one that fits the sets of cutlery you already have at home? Or are you looking for the best dinner set ever?

Today’s most attractive sets have their style, with modern colours and different models and shapes to choose from. The key to selecting settings is to know what type you like before you start looking and whether it suits your interior.


Lastly, make sure that the daily dinner sets you are looking at will stand the test of time. It would be best to have something that will withstand regular use every day, so make sure your dinner plate collection doesn’t crack or disappear too quickly.

It is also worth bet if you can use your dinner plates in the freezer, oven, dishwasher, or microwave, as this will ensure that you get the most out of your new investment – the best dinner set.

Summary – Best dinner set

The best dining set for your needs will depend on many factors, but most of all, it comes down to your taste. All the above sets are a great choice, as our favourite collection is the MALACASA set of 30 parts. It will surely fit into any home thanks to its pristine white finish. The super durable design is also suitable for dishwashers, microwave ovens, and freezers.

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