13 reasons and a half …..

….. to support the statement that a scarf is “a must-have”……

Have you ever wondered how the scarf became such a big part of fashion? It’s a long story, that begins with the ancient Egyptians and Croatian, Chinese and French culture. It really is interesting to read the whole origin story and see how everything changes throughout time. Without going into details – the piece of fabric that we most usually wrap around our necks to keep us warm – has always been and will always be a part of our everyday life.

Fashion designers utilize technology to design. They should have a very good eye for smaller differences in color and other details that may earn a design successful. They work with a variety of fabrics, shapes, and colors. In some instances, a self-employed fashion designer could have a line that bears her or his name.

Fashion is another place we frequently look to when we would like to boost our lifestyle. It really does have the power to improve your lifestyle and finding someone or a place you can look to for advice and tips is now easier than ever. As it is changing every day, you get a chance to introduce new trends in this fashion world. Street fashion has developed from the grassroots, not in a style studio. Street fashion is closely associated with the youth and the way in which they decide to express themselves.

As a strong supporter of the scarf myself, I give you my personal discoveries.

A scarf can be used as:

  1. To kind of pop if you are dressed all black or too ordinary.

  2. Something to keep you warm on the chilly autumn nights.

  3.      Instead of jewelry around your neck (retro style).

  4. A turban – to keep your hair healthy on the beach or when you are in a cabrio (just like in the movies, I am forever a romantic).

  5. A hair tie – when you don’t have one.

  6. A belt – very bohemian chic.

  7. A bikini top.

  8. A pareo – for the beach, to cover yourself when you want to go have a drink at the bar.

  9. A pillow – to sleep more comfortably during long trips or to save yourself from the air-conditioning on the plane.

  10. Something to sit on – for when you don’t have a blanket or a towel.

  11. Tissue – when you start crying, because of a beautiful romantic scene, but there is no knight in shining armor to give you his.

  12. Accessory for your bag – an easy way to give new life to your old, but oh – so – favourite bag.

  13. To dance with it – the scarf gently moving around you while you dance – it’s beautiful!


Here they are – 13 reasons. The half is because you have so much to choose from! Variety at it’s best – the color, the way you wear it. The feeling you put into choosing your outfit. In that moment you give life to your outfit. The picture is complete. And so are you.