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Feng Shui, Tarot cards, and Retrograde Mercury in collaboration

Why collaborate? You will find out by reading the whole article.

  • You all know what Feng Shui is! The Chinese practice of trying to strike a balance between the natural world and your inner spaces. The method generally works with energy forces to create harmony between the individual and his environment.

    Having a quiet and pleasant home is your ultimate goal. A place where you can feel calm and stress-free to enjoy the little moments in life. Let’s face it. Life is different now, and your home is your fortress. That’s why I’m talking about harmony, Feng Shui decor, and the need to maintain balance in the house.

Before you start buying (or even moving) specific furniture, you first need to consider what you will use the room for. Will you use it mainly for entertainment, leisure, guests, work, or eating? Will guests use the space to sleep? Or all the activities listed above?

Understanding the room’s function will show what type of furniture (and how much furniture) you really need. Then you can start to make the best arrangement for the room. Consult experts like me. You will receive quality ideas and tips for your decor to bring peace and prosperity to your home. You will understand the basic concept of Feng Shui and how to incorporate them into your space.

To optimize feng shui in your home, it is crucial to make sure that there is a free movement of energies to and around the furniture, and they are easily accessible, and the passage is unimpeded. Think about this before you rush to buy an expensive table to put on the side of the sofa.

Followers of Feng Shui believe that everything is composed of two opposite but related forces: Yin (female) and Yang (male), and the balance between them. You can incorporate this philosophy into your home’s decor by adding additional colors and design elements tailored to what you need to balance in your life.

When the rooms’ energy is in sync, and you are in sync and comes the peace we all seek. You have achieved harmony.

  • Why do people turn to tarot more and more often?

Tarot is a powerful way to get an answer to a question. You leave things in the hands of higher powers. In this way, you get peace of mind for individual problems or cases that you do not know or wonder what to do. It’s easy. You’re waiting for the answers of the universe. Do you trust them?

Curiously, this was the message of the haute couture week in Paris this year with the fashion house “Dior” collection. Gorgeous gold dresses decorated with zodiac signs, Tarot symbols, and medieval castles. All in hand-sewn garments of brocade, tulle, and gold lame, and the silhouettes are inspired by the Empire era – an atmosphere in tune with the strange times in which the pandemic involved us. Even in an interview, the first lady, chief designer of the Dior fashion house – Maria Grazia Curie, reminded that its creator Christian Dior consulted fortune tellers and tarot cards. Empire (my favorite) is a style in architecture and art developed in the early 19th century. The first thing that characterizes it is rationalism in the interior, relevance, comfort, and everything – pathos, integrity, completeness, which symbolize Napoleon’s prosperity. At the same time, luxury and wealth are displayed. Let’s preserve wealth with the help of tarot.

In Dior’s virtual show, the characters on the divination cards came to life – Justice sits on a throne, the Fool shows the right decision, and the Hanged Man shows the right path.

The message is not to be afraid of change and to leave things in the Higher Powers’ hands. Receiving an answer – the right path or the right decision, your mind stops searching and wandering. And you calm down. When the mind is calm, and your daily life flows without tension, your thoughts become more evident, emotions arise, the desire for life increases. You feel alive. You have achieved harmony.

It has become increasingly popular recently to pay attention to the planets’ location, their influence, and in particular, to Retrograde Mercury. Many people become paralyzed just when they hear that this period is coming because they associate it with communication problems, lost keys, technological challenges, travel delays, electronic failures, and many other troubles. Basically, if you are interested and read more on the subject, you will find lengthy lists of things to avoid and something that can go wrong for you during this retrograde period.

But don’t forget … You create your life experience together with the planets. So yes, if you focus on all the negative aspects of Mercury in retrograde, they will probably manifest in you in all their glory!

I will draw your attention to the positive aspects of Retrograde Mercury related to reassessment, revision, rewriting, rediscovery, and all re-activities and events in your life that you want to rethink and renew. Enjoy this little slowness that the planets give you, taking the opportunity to breathe, view, refresh and be. Take your time to enjoy the process, review, and note what you want to change, and use this retrograde movement to readjust and be in sync with the Divine nature of time.

When you are in sync comes the peace we all seek. You have achieved harmony.

After all, you are all striving to make your life better. Deal with problems and move forward as an upgrade. At least I am. Whether you turn to the planets, arrange your home in feng shui, or ask for tarot cards is a matter of personal choice. There are thousands of ways to achieve harmony.

Just be in collaboration with the universe – awake, curious, and searching people.

Tomorrow you will probably regret not starting today.

Harmony is in the collaboration between people, and collaboration is harmony!