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Fresh Spring and Easter decorations

Spring and Easter decorations

I did spring cleaning, and it felt great to get rid of things we no longer use. Scattering and cleaning room by room, I gave a lot and donated the rest. And as each room changed and refreshed, I also wanted to combine it with spring and Easter decorations. That’s what I did!

Round Cut Out Pattern Decorative Tray

The purpose of my choice for spring and Easter decorations:

More greenery: You can use Elements not only in spring but also in summer and autumn;
Artificial flowers for decoration in four seasons: I like fresh flowers, but the artificial floral arrangement is much more budget, and one can not always have a vase of fresh flowers in our fast-paced world. That is why in places, we rely on perfect imitations, and we bring colour into everyday life constantly;
Easter decorations: Duplicate spring decorations. Think of bunnies, eggs and bright colours. The colours bring mood and festive spirit;
Lighter and neutral tones: To illuminate any space;
Universal decor: You can move the items from room to room and use them year-round. If you want to be able to change the look of the rooms, consider pillowcases, blankets, vases, etc.


In fact, you can start decorating for spring almost any time after you take off your Christmas or other holiday decorations. If you decorated for Valentine’s Day, on my advice, you could start decorating for spring by adding floral elements or pink colour to your decor. Pink is the colour of blossoming trees and spring cracking.



I think any time after Valentine’s Day is appropriate. But really, every time you decorate for spring, you can also decorate for Easter, as some spring decors are duplicated with Easter decorations.

Fresh Spring and Easter decorations
Fresh Spring and Easter decorations

This approach saves you time because you only have to decorate once, but it also saves you money. Your decor works for every holiday and season.
Bunnies, eggs and Easter baskets are a few examples of items you can use to decorate an Easter table or for Easter decor in all parts of your home.
If you are looking for ideas for spring and Easter decor, I recommend some bright and festive decorations on Amazon. My choices are a beautiful blend of pink, cream and neutral, with accents in yellow and green. I use Amazon for almost anything! And home decor on Amazon has a wide variety; I always find what I’m looking for.


I usually like soft, feminine colours and Boho style decor for spring. At the same time, I love bold patterns and geometric prints. This pink colour contrasts against the bold tribal patterns in these pillowcases and stands out.

123 – 45

How cute is this little bunny ?! The bunny cake stand was smaller than I expected, but I like it more precisely because it’s not very big. Its smaller sweet size makes it easier to store and takes up less space on the table or countertop, even in the closet. I put 3-4 small Easter cakes on the stand; it would also be suitable for small cakes, biscuits/brownies, or even a holiday cheese dish.

You can move all these spring decors from room to room. They go great everywhere – from the living room to the bedroom. They look great on coffee tables, the entrance table, kitchen countertops or even bedside tables in the bedroom. You can use greenery even in some bathrooms. The trio of vases was smaller than I expected, and I liked them even more because they could be placed anywhere.

The blanket is the softest globally. It’s like wrapping yourself in a cosy scarf. I liked the modern geometric look of the blankets and decided that they complemented the pattern in the tray. The tray is covered with glass so that nothing falls through the holes in the middle. All these elements look great in the living room and the bedroom.

Fresh spring and Easter decorations: ARTIFICIAL GREEN PLANTS


I was looking for lovely greenery to use in different house parts. I bet on a few potted plants, and this one looked the most real. They look great alone or in combination with another decor. They can be placed on nightstands for bedrooms, chests of drawers, bathrooms, countertops and coffee tables.

Celebrate boldly! Decorate boldly and enjoy life!
With love,

PeTya ❤

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