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How to cosy up your home

Now I will reveal how to cosy up your home, telling you what not to do.

At the same time, I will give outstanding examples of finding your style by pre-arranging your room visually HERE.

cosy up your home
Discover your style

The most common and significant mistake when arranging furniture is to place all the elements along the walls, thinking that this will make the room look bigger. Unfortunately, this does not work precisely the same way, and the effect is the opposite. The room seems smaller and is less usable.

The next mistake is to gather all the furniture in one place, just to the right of the TV, for example, ignoring other room elements, such as a fireplace or unique views.

Another bad example of furniture arrangement has too much furniture in the room. For instance, built-in-furniture that you do not have access to, many chairs and a table in front, and a sofa right next to them, so you do not have access to anything.

A widespread mistake has too many furniture items crowded into one space.

When it comes to arranging your home cosy, we do not want to return to the Victorian decorating style. After all, we are in the 21st century.

It is not a mistake in the arrangement but the purchase. Make sure the furniture is proportional to the size of your room. The enormous solid sofa can be comfortable, but if it is the only thing that fits in the room, it is not proportional, making it impossible to get a well-arranged and balanced room. The same is valid for the heights of the furniture.

If you have a greater wall height, the space will automatically look more significant, and you can have taller and more massive furniture. Another point is that a large sofa and a small side table will also look disproportionate, so think about how to arrange your home comfortably and achieve synchronicity, even when buying or deciding which furniture to place in your room!

So how to cosy up your home?

Decide what you will do in space, i.e., you will read, watch TV, sleep, play sports, relax, talk, play.

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Then think about what you need to achieve this goal. Do this for each room. For example, the living room is the most challenging task, as it must be multifunctional to accommodate the whole family. There will have to be furniture for watching TV – sofas, armchairs and a coffee table, or side tables (to hold the remotes, obviously) for computer games – desk, office chairs, reading – armchair with accompanying side table and lamp. Young children’s games are also important – pillows, storage chest, bookshelf. Are you beginning to understand what we are trying to achieve?

Next step – if you can draw it to imagine it, you can plan on paper how to place all this furniture, not forgetting to pay attention to where people come in and out of the room.

If you can’t draw, don’t worry, Amazon will do the job HERE, and you’ll find out how to cosy up your home.

It is much easier than pushing and pulling the furniture in the room by yourself. HERE, you can make countless options until you feel that you have made your space cosy.

Here are some more easy tips on how to cosy up your home:

In general, arrange your furniture parallel to the walls; this is most pleasing to the eye. Group of sofas, chairs parallel to each other if you want people to talk calmly. Divide the space into zones by flooring, i.e., carpet under the dining table, under the sofa and armchairs, or as a way to determine the area where children play.

Store all your electrical equipment in one area – TVs, stereos, videos, DVDs, etc., thus reducing the cables on the floor. Connect your speakers wired to walls and ceilings if you can, so you don’t have to watch threads constantly hanging on the walls or floor. If possible, use wiring ducts, and you can also store all your CDs and DVDs in cabinets; this makes a massive difference in the living room layout.

Think about what mood you want to create in the room. How to cosy up your home?

Lighting is what determines it. It’s great to have general lighting, but to create different moods and effects, do not neglect the power of the lamps. There are so many types now that there is no excuse for not finding ones that fit your scheme. All the lights do is create extra brilliance in the room, which will express all the hard work you have done.

Where do you put them? Tall floor lamps look best in the corners, making the room look bigger; small lamps stand best on side tables next to armchairs or sofas, as they provide light for reading or handicrafts. Sculpture lamps can become the room’s focal point so that they can be anywhere. Here are the ideas >>>

cosy up your home
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It is interesting to use a sculptural lamp under the stairs to illuminate the space and create decoration and light in the area.

The focal point can be the fireplace for the ground floor and the picture for the second floor. You can use the bookcase as a room divider in the open-plan space.

Focus points determine how to arrange your home comfortably. Each room must have a focal point. We have something attractive that immediately catches the eye in the room and makes you want to be there. Some people are lucky and have an ever-changing view from a window that makes this natural, but most of us have to work on it.

The most common way to reach a focal point is to use a work of art, a sculpture, or a painting.

Other ways are a large decorative mirror, fireplace, using a different colour on a particular wall, using a change in texture with wallpaper or fabric to attract the eye. Sometimes furniture or carpet can be a focal point, but they are usually not so evident because your eye has to look down to see them. The best place to focus is at eye level. Be sure to highlight the focal point with lighting.

cosy up your home
Make a try

Use these easy directions to all the rooms in the house or apartment.

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your comments below.

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