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MIAMI, baby!

Countless temptations, three amazing discoveries for me, and 23 reasons in pictures why you should visit Miami…

It was my second time in Miami, but it was like it was my first. WOW!
The first time (a very long time ago) was more or less the same group of people. North Beach. Quiet and lovely family trip with the kids. Big hotel, all-inclusive, pools, beaches, eating and drinking. The very low-key and family-friendly trip almost too chill for Miami, where the party never stops.
The second time (now). South Beach, Ocean Drive (Miami Vice). A flat on the beach, bars, colorful people, mega-rich people, Barbie dolls, convertible cars, glowing jeeps, loud music, high young girls twerking on the sidewalk, big butts and breasts on display, trans people. Cocktails – infinite, happy hour, zones closed off for filming movies, photos, selfies, weed, half-naked ready to mingle girls and men – soon to be sugar daddies, kissing each other, and many more things from the colorful spectrum of modern life. You close your eyes, count to five, spin around, and wherever you are facing, there IS a party. Once you are in the middle of this circus – too loud, too bright that gives you sort of permission to sin and give in to the temptation and passion, a place where you feel good, relaxed, and like you are in the right place – it makes you question everything and search tirelessly for answers. I was sitting on the beach thinking that I was not the kind of person who likes loud places and showing off. I like quiet, secluded places, wild regions, small towns, hidden treasures, tight streets that tell stories and take you to the shore filled with little restaurants under old arcs. What do I like about South Beach, I kept wondering?


on the beach

 The third morning around 5 o’clock at sunrise, on the beach. I was walking by the beach (because of the time difference). It was quiet, and without all the commotion and people, I managed to see the buildings’ beauty. The true magic. Buildings Art Deco style. Chic and simple hotels, restaurants, cafes, and bars with all kinds of attractions, again Art Deco. Even the Baywatch cabins were coherent with style. Beauty. I immediately searched on google for more information, driven by curiosity and cultural hunger. The Art Deco style description fascinated me – the richness of color, generosity of elements, splendor, chic, expensive modern materials. Eclectics, modernism, and at the same time, functionalism. All favorite words of mine. The 30s style of the last century, similar to my soul. The forgotten old becomes the new modern.


Signs from old lives and an explanation of why I felt so good in this place and that exactly was:

My first discovery ♠♥♣♦⇒ a person sees what he feels.

Despite all the noise, kitsch, and humility – I saw the symbiosis between water, sand, sky, birds, and beautiful architecture. I was watching the ocean and the waves, and I felt amazing. The south is the south! Attracted by the non-pretentious simplicity of my instincts. Although it could have been the cocktails, who knows?


My second discovery ♠♥♣♦ ⇒ Essential oils.

The Americans are gods in this industry. In Miami, there is always wind. Either way, you are getting sunburnt. You have to religiously put oils on your skin when you are out in the sun! The oils were my salvation; thanks to them, my skin remained intact. Essential oils are extracted from the plants by distillation of steam, resin attachment, and cold pressing. The purest essential oils are potent. For example – it takes 75 lemons to produce a small bottle of 15ml lemon oil from Young Living. There are 3 ways that people use them – aromatic (diffusion), local application (by putting them on your body), and drinking (there are mixed reviews about ingesting, so you have to conduct personal research to see if you can do it).
Essential oils work very fast. The information I found shows that it reaches your brain in just 22 seconds within inhaling or applying. Also, in just 20 minutes, it affects every cell in your body. 100% happiness guarantee!

Here’s a link with more information: Herbs+Essential Oils!

My third discovery ♠♥♣♦⇒ CUBAN CUISINE.

Cuba, known worldwide for its salsa, rum, cigars, and Fidel Castro, but you have to know that if you have never tasted Cuban food, you are missing out! Restaurants with Cuban meals and Latin staff not speaking English. You lose about 15 minutes just ordering. A cute Cuban girl with a round butt explains – “I’m sorry I don’t speak English, but here everyone knows Spanish, so I don’t need it.” You smile understandingly because you are in such a good mood. Meanwhile, you press your brain to think of any Spanish word so you can order, but in the end, you give up and point to something in the menu.

The fascinating thing about Cuban cuisine is that it contains so many things, but at the same time, it is so simple and different from everything you have ever tasted before. It influences African, Spanish, and Asian cuisine, which makes it more colorful and specific. The most used products are rice, corn, beef, horse meat, and beans. Also popular are quimbobo, yuka – root crops, unknown to me before that, but highly appreciated in Cuba. A typical Cuban dish includes rice, eggs, and a few bananas – rice with fried bananas, accompanied by eggs.

Still, in no way heavy cuisine that irritates the stomach. I have learned to watch what I eat, which has paid off, but I still try not to restrict myself. I follow the simple principles of eating. I eat what I want, and I look fabulous. This philosophy about food really helps me, and I’m sharing it with you – #Cuban style


Okay, that’s it from me. I’ll let the photos speak!
Enjoy the summer, the water, the heat, and the real feelings.

And do not forget to collect memories! <3