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The most Colorful Places In The World

Most colorful places

Far away and hidden from the crowds of tourists, these ten most colourful places in the world are truly inspiring.

Many artists and writers have found inspiration from visiting these colourful destinations. So the fairy tales come true, and visiting one of these places will surely be a life-changing experience for you too!

  1. The most colourful places in the world: Cinque Terre, Italy

During the grey winter days or turquoise summer days, Cinque Terre is colourful at all times. The beautiful old houses have a view of the blue sea and create the most colourful picture. In addition, each village you visit in Cinque Terre is brighter than the other, with houses in yellow, pink, red, and orange paints.

And so, along with the blue sea and green hills, the Cinque Terre region of Italy is one of the most colourful places in the world. The breathtaking journey begins in La Spezia – a great port city and the starting point of the Cinque Terre train. Travelling around Cinque Terre by train is the best. The train travels each of the villages, so you can go back to anyplace whenever you want during the day.

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  1. Tulip Fields, The Netherlands

Pink, white, orange, purple – the fields of Holland tulips are magical in all rainbow colours. The best place to see the fantastic fields of tulips is in Keukenhof, and you can admire the beauty for free. The beautiful areas are a fifteen-minute walk from Keukenhof.

You can enjoy the colourful view from early April to mid-May, during the blossoming of tulips. The large tulip fields are a short journey from Amsterdam, so that it will be a wonderful day trip to the Netherlands countryside. Alternatively, you can rent a bicycle like the locals to admire the breathtaking flowers.

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  1. The most colourful places in the world: Menton Cote d’Azur, France

On the beautiful shores of the French Riviera, but away from the paparazzi in Monte Carlo, Menton is a stunningly bustling coastal town. Belle Époque pastel houses add even more beauty to this romantic village and mesmerize every visitor.

You can reach Menton from anywhere in France or Italy, as it is very close to the Italian border. The Cote d’Azur is a beautiful region in France and an excellent destination for a relaxing holiday. So, in addition to taking great pictures against the backdrop of the colourful city, a cruise is a great way to spend a fantastic vacation in Menton.

  1. Pelourinho, El Salvador

Called a city within a city, the old city centre of Pelourinho in El Salvador is one of the most colourful points in the world. Today once a slave auction site, El Salvador is the most colourful and lively place. The area is famous with colourful facades of colonial buildings and is home to artists, musicians, and vibrant nightlife.

In addition, the colourful Pelourinho is a multicultural centre where you can learn a lot about Brazilian and African heritage. The great restaurants in Pelourinho offer fantastic dishes from both cuisines. So, once you can shop for souvenirs at the many handicraft shops around, you can try the excellent food of African and Brazilian cuisine.

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  1. The most colourful places in the world: Wroclaw, Poland

The largest city in western Poland is Wroclaw, and it is one of Poland’s hidden gems. Wroclaw is a charming destination travelling around Europe, and its colourful architecture makes it one of the most beautiful cities on the oldest continent. The most colourful place is on the medieval market square, where you can enjoy the lively atmosphere and local food in one of the restaurants around.

So, don’t forget to bring your camera and comfortable shoes for a walk along the colourful alleys of the old town. In all seasons, colourful Wroclaw will welcome you warmly with field pies stuffed with potatoes, cheese, or fruit.

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  1. Burano Island, Italy,  and Murano Island

One of the three known islands near Venice is Burano, and it is the most colourful of the three beautiful Italian islands. A boat trip away from the mainland, the brightly painted houses of Burano are an excellent destination for off-season holidays. Although you can tour the island in 2 hours, you will end up spending the whole day just walking and taking pictures.

The charming fishing houses along the bridges, accompanied by the many canals, complement the beauty of Burano. A day visit to Burano is an excellent trip from Venice, great for shopping for lace and Aperol afternoon drinks overlooking the Venetian lagoon. The island of Murano is famous for its beautiful Murano glass and the many items and jewellery made from it.

  1. The most colourful places in the world: Nyhavn, Copenhagen

The picturesque harbour once inspired one of the most outstanding children’s book authors to write The Princess and the Pea. Yes, a №20 townhouse was once home to the Danish Hans Christian Andersen. Colourful Nyhavn was a bustling central port where you could hear the noises of sailors in many different languages.

Nowadays, the renovated Nyhavn is where locals come to relax at the end of the day. You can have dinner with jazz music and watch the sunset over the boats. The colourful townhouse is a remarkable experience in the city, where everyone rides a bike.

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  1. Guatape, Colombia

With doors, walls, and roofs in different colours, Guatape is the most colourful city in Colombia. A colourful resort town with stunning views and mountains. Therefore, for an incredible view of the whole city and its colours, you can climb to La Piedra del Penon, and in front of you is a beautiful view of the most colourful place in the world.

However, the most exciting parts are Zocalos, the lower part of the houses. Zocalos are hand-painted decorations, some pictures of animals or flowers, and others are just colourful decorations. Finally, plan a trip to Guatape for at least a few days so you can see the vivid and most colourful streets in the world.

  1. The most colourful places in the world: Colmar, France

Colourful wooden houses, decorated canals with flowers, Colmar is a magnificent French city where fairy tales come to life. The beautiful canals will take you through charming lanes to open squares. Here fishers sit and talk about daily adventures and tell authentic sea tales.

You can reach Colmar from Basel in Switzerland or any major city in France by train. So, mark a visit to Colmar on your European holiday itinerary. Another great option is to spend your entire vacation in Colmar alone. Either way, you won’t be bored in Colmar. There are many things to do besides photographing the most colourful place in France. For example, a boat trip on the canal, shopping in the indoor market, and tasting wine from Alsace.

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  1. Chefchaouen, Morocco

Hidden in a green valley, just 2 hours from Tangier, is the bluest and most precious stone – Chefchaouen. Painted in blue and white tones, with colourful decorations, Chefchaouen is the most colourful place in Morocco. On the Greek island of Santorini, the bizarre streets and architecture impress even the most enthusiastic traveller.

Legend has it that the unique choice of colour dates back to the 15th century when the Jewish lived in this small town. Therefore, the blue colour is a symbol of the sky and the relationship with God. Although the Jews are no longer residents of this small town, it has retained its beauty over the years. Today, Chefchaouen attracts thousands of tourists, so be prepared to meet excited and happy crowds around every blue corner.

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We from Alluring Life Web wish you a pleasant trip, and our friends of Save A Train will be glad to help you plan a trip to the ten most colourful places in the world.

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