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Train trip preps

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train trip

Whether it’s your first or fourth time travelling by train, the experience is unforgettable. Every journey evokes a different emotion, but I promise you that you will never forget it once you make a train trip.

Captivating charisma of Jordan

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I am delighted to make you a part of my experience and the joy of being able to spend an unforgettable ten days there—real food for an adventurous soul.

Candles with the scent of love

Scented candles are the shortest way from tension to calm.
The little flame, the light smell and 5 minutes just for you, even if it’s not a luxury.
If your evenings go like this, you may be interested to know that we can learn a lot about your character and interests from your favourite scent.

Sicilian ceramic heads: a legend hidden in art

Sicilian ceramic heads

Coming to Sicily at least once, who has never seen a Moorish Sicilian ceramic head on a balcony, in a traditional Sicilian restaurant, or in the many pottery shops they have?
The art of majolica pottery was brought to Sicily by the Arabs, who taught the Sicilians how to create these beautiful objects, real works of art today.
Where does it all come from?

Why use white in the interior?

White in the interior

You can always combine it with other colours. Combined with yellow, it creates a fresh feeling, and with red, it looks chic. With blue, it provides a sea sound. You can connect any colour with white, and you will not go wrong. That is why it is so famous in the interior.

How to cosy up your home

It is not a mistake in the arrangement but the purchase. Make sure the furniture is proportional to the size of your room. The enormous solid sofa can be comfortable, but if it is the only thing that fits in the room, it is not proportional, making it impossible to get a well-arranged and balanced room. The same is valid for the heights of the furniture. If you have a greater wall height, the space will automatically look more significant, and you can have taller and more massive furniture. Another point is that a large sofa and a small side table will also look disproportionate, so think about how to arrange your home comfortably and achieve synchronicity, even when buying or deciding which furniture to place in your room!