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A Conservatory living room or an Orangery

a garden room or orangery

A Conservatory living room or an Orangery…

Do you know the difference between a garden room, a conservatory, and an orangery and how to decorate them?

In principle, both fall under the common name “garden room”.

The original was the orangery, which began its life as a place for pots and storage of delicate plants. After that, they were purely functional outbuildings to the country houses of the rich or their majestic homes. Then, they began to decorate them. As a result, sunny rooms acquire a more “decorated” look.

People realized that the orangery could be like a garden room.

An excellent place to enjoy the view and the atmosphere in the open air while remaining protected from the cold weather.

I love these old orangeries and conservatories. Yeah, they are so adorable! Who would not relax in such a space?

The garden rooms or Conservatory living rooms were invented for and owned by wealthier members of society in the past. Symbol of high living status and gets their name from the Italian term “conservato”, which means to store or preserve, and the Latin prefix “ory”, means a place for, dates back to the Roman Empire’s time. In fact, the Romans created structures capable of transmitting light while retaining heat through sheets of mica instead of glass that was not available before.

In this paragraph, I am writing about the so-called conservatories that became more popular in the late 19th century. The traditional conservatory is like a giant orangery used to grow delicate and rare plants. Firstly, wealthy citizens created glass garden rooms in their city estates. Secondly, they also hired many botanists to supply their conservatories with tropical plants from around the world. And thirdly, and most importantly, It is becoming a way to grow tropical fruits such as oranges (hence the term “orangery”). Finally, these garden rooms have become elegant spaces where their owners can enjoy a genuine connection with nature.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, the two world wars and economic instability put an end to the tendentious growth of winter gardens. Difficult to maintain, many owners abandon and dismantle them.

We often use conservatories as dining rooms. Moreover, they create a romantic and intimate atmosphere that is not to be missed.

Just imagine how beautiful it is at night with candles flickering and reflected in the glass, and you blissfully take a sip of wine.

Modern technologies make possible the balance of temperature and ventilation in the winter garden. Becoming multifunctional, the garden room creates a beautiful mood and is an ideal space for fun.


Another plus of the winter garden is the smell of flowers, especially if you choose varieties with overfilling aromas. Choose something like jasmine, lily of the valley, gardenia or orange blossom. White flowers like the ones I listed have the most assertive aromas.

Nowadays, we use insulated glass, unique blinds and curtains that work with remote control. They make it possible to use these gardens all over the year. There are even specialized floor coverings that include radiant heat.

Whether you call it an orangery or a garden room, or a beautiful outbuilding that creates a bridge between outdoor and indoor, this will allow you to have fun and relax in your own private garden.

The conservatory will increase the valuable space in your home. Moreover, it will also help you reduce your heating costs and save money.

Building and equipping a glazed porch does not necessarily cost a fortune. Please take a look at my tips and get inspired by the photos in the gallery! With proper planning and innovative strategies, you will create a comfortable and functional little paradise.

Conservatories and valuable tips from me😍😍😍

Build a multifunctional glazed porch. In conclusion, it is usually a pleasant reading area where we can have coffee with our friends and serve as a room for our plants.

You will now have the space to grow aromatic herbs, sprouts and salads, even in winter.  Undoubtedly, it will reduce your food costs if you prefer fresh vegetables. The glazed veranda also serves as an area where you can practice yoga in complete harmony. Position the yoga mat between the plants, play relaxing music and a fountain. And you can easily cancel your membership card for a yoga club.

Your glazed porch would be an excellent place for a home office or workshop for your hobby.

Why is building a conservatory profitable?

Financial benefits. Building a winter garden room costs money, of course! But it will help reduce budget costs and save money in the long run. In addition, this extension of the house brings an attractive emotional touch to your life. And, of course, increases the resale value of your property.

The ideal place to build your shed should have easy access to sunlight, which will reduce heating costs in winter.

And vice versa. The glazed veranda will provide thick shade and keep cool in summer.

How to save money when building a conservatory?

Choose recycled materials or ones you already have. For example, you can use architectural elements such as castings and more. So, you can use the remaining tiles from the bathroom cladding and kitchen renovation. Choosing the most durable materials with surfaces that the local climate will not damage for many years is better.