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How does MINIMALISM lead to a better quality of life

I am certainly no different from others to like and want to own a lot of things.

Sometimes it is challenging to balance between the minimum stuff you need and the constant need to buy. Everyone defines what minimalism looks like to them, but the general definition is: “getting rid of things you don’t want, don’t use, or don’t find beautiful.” Come to think of it. I used to have one or two of everything. I kept piling up. Shopping was fun. It was easy for me to spend money every time I was out: shopping was a good mood deal, I always had things I “needed.” And most interestingly, I felt good bringing something new at home all the time. After a few lockdowns and many days at home, I decided to try something new and different this year and changed the scheme.

When I wanted something new, I began to ask myself:

  • Do I really need this?
  • Will I want it in 3 days?
  • Will I still like this in a week, a month, a year? And how many times exactly would I use it?
  • Does this coincide with my current priorities?

At home, life goes slower somehow – at least for me. So I thought about what I want in my daily life. It seems that the priorities are different already. Do I need to live with fewer things? Should I pay more attention to the family? Do I want to save money or buy as before? So many many questions, I realized that rethinking your priorities changes the things you need.

I bet on quality, not quantity.

Began to observe the power of minimalism, which started to change my life. I challenged myself. Buying less but really quality stuff is a challenge in itself. It takes time, which I had in abundance.


But when you do it as a game rather than as something you have to do, you’re more likely to succeed.

I do not suggest you stop buying new things for good. Instead, I offer a challenge with reduced costs and an increase in the quality of life.


After a month, I can say that my habits have changed. After two months, they were entirely changed—intentional shopping as a hobby – to quality and functionality.


Now is the time to share a few home updates that I am considering for the same purpose, as most of us spend time at home.

I still wake up every day grateful to have “home.” I can’t believe I’m spending so much time here in this apartment, and I still have a wish list for a change of scenery. But then, the feeling of awareness and gratitude comes. Given the situation and that COVID-19 has conquered the world, everyone should feel a little more grateful for being healthy and for what they have.

minimalism in your every day routine

Gratitude also gives peace of mind. I realized that the more grateful I am, the less I want. The more appreciation I have, the more fulfilment I feel. Soothing the voice of the desire for new material things is a significant factor in making minimalism a part of my life.