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The best pillows and how to mix and match

The ability to mix patterns and textiles in pillows, curtains and rugs will really help you unite your space, create a completely harmonious look, and add comfort. Here is a guide to the best decorative pillows, combining them, and recommended sleeping pillows.
If you want to keep everything relatively neutral and unchanged, adding colourful pillows will add character and visual cosiness to your space. It is also one of the effortless ways to experiment with colours without being permanent! In particular, decorative pillows have the unique ability to transform the space completely.


There is a simple formula that works flawlessly and guarantees a beautifully shaped corner with pillows every time:

Choose a dominant pattern:

Choose a more intense print, perhaps with large-scale flowers or a geometric design, with one, two or many different colours. From this point, you will find out about the other colours. It should be the “busiest” model of the combination.

Choose a solid pattern:

Use one of the colours from your dominant pattern. Each of the colours in this model will look good. It doesn’t have to be the most noticeable colour. Usually, choosing the most inconspicuous colour looks best. In addition, it does not have to be precisely the same, but it must be in a similar tone. Don’t be afraid to choose a different texture like faux leather. Layering textures is the best way to get a design vision of the room.

Choose a minor scale print in the same colour

as the thick fabric or in another colour chosen by your dominant pattern. Let this print be on a smaller scale. It can be dots, fine stripes, a retail print or even a dense print with a lot of texture, which gives the effect of the pattern on it.

Mix boldly, following the basic principle!

The texture also works with smaller sizes and patterns or can be part of a thick pillow. I think it’s always important to mix the textures of the cushions to make them stand out.
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It is the next exciting step in the process! It is not more difficult than mixing patterns with two colours and following precisely the previous formula. Instead of using just two colours on one of your models, you just use three!
When you feel comfortable with the basic formula, it will be much easier to train your eye to add additional colours that complement the interior.


I love Amazon pillows – a vast selection of quality and prices. The quality is outstanding, and the prints are timeless and in a different style. Before ordering, always look at customer reviews; they are the most indicative!

I hope you found my suggestions for decorative pillows functional!

Let’s move on to the best sleeping pillows.

Discover the best sleeping pillow with this short guide to buying the best pillows.
Many people do not realize that finding the best pillow for the shape and size of your body and your way of sleeping is crucial for a good night’s sleep. If you are not careful when buying the right pillow, you will likely wake up with neck pain, sourness and sleeplessness.
Even the best quality pillows can not last more than a few years in hygienic terms. You probably don’t want to read this, but a third of the pillow’s weight consists of dead skin, dirt, grease, mites, and faeces within two years of use. Even if you took the time and effort to find the right pillow last time, it would need to be replaced.

Not sure where to start? How to find the best pillows?

Here are specific suggestions, with the help of Amazon, that will help you find out what kind of filling, degree of hardness, and fabric will suit you best.

I am sure that there is no “one size fits all” for pillows; each person is different, with different requirements to be comfortable.
There are so many types of pillows that you can buy. If you have specific neck or shoulder pain, there are recommended types of pillows to help with these problems. This Amazon guide will help you buy the right pillow, plus you can check out some of my favourites below.

Frequently Asked Questions from customers when choosing the best pillows:

• Why do we use a pillow?

The function of the pillow is to support your head and neck while you sleep, providing a nice buffer between you and your mattress. The idea is to keep your head and neck supported in line with your spine.

• What are the best pillows for neck pain?

If you suffer from neck pain or shoulder strain, a good pillow can provide you with comfort at night. Sometimes an inappropriate pillow can actually cause pain, while a good pillow can relieve tension.
The best pillow for neck tension should be firm enough to hold the head at a healthy angle but soft sufficient to mitigate pressure points. Most sleepers find relief with memory foam, latex, or feathers, as these materials offer the best balance of support and stress relief.

• What are the best side pillows?

According to a global study, 41% of us sleep on the sidelines. So, is there a best pillow for sleeping on the side? Too thin pads do not provide enough softness, while too thick of them can interfere with the correct position of the spine, and lead to the development of additional pain points, so choose something medium in thickness.

• If I have allergies?

If you are allergic, you should consider a latex pillow. These pillows are made of rubberwood, making them elastic and suitable in the fight against allergies, as they are resistant to mould and can be shaped to fit your head and neck. On the other hand, they can be pretty heavy and expensive.

• Does the fabric of the case matter?

It is easy to assume that this is irrelevant, as you will have a pillowcase that covers it. But it is worth noting that natural fabrics such as cotton offer much more breathability than polyester and other artificial fibres, providing a much more comfortable night’s sleep if you tend to sweat at night.

• How often should I change my pillow?

Yes, and I was shocked by that. Ideally, wash your pillowcases every three to four weeks. It would be best if you strived to buy a new pillow every one or two years.

Here are options for art lovers in the interior and how to combine them:


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