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The joy of love cooking

For me, cooking is an art form that allows me to express myself creatively. It is also an excellent opportunity to show my love for others and take care of them, my family or friends. Nothing is more wonderful than cooking something delicious and watching someone enjoy it! I find a real intimate connection between love and joy, and that is why I write about the joy of cooking with love.



Research published soon in the International Journal of Humanities, and Social Science looks at cooking as a recreational and therapeutic activity. It is undoubtedly true because I love to cook, but when I was cooking as a mother and wife and was responsible for providing food to the table every dinner, I didn’t feel so much fun. I thought of it as a duty rather than a pleasure because it was a routine that I tried to transform into a daily treat. And in time, it worked out!
One specific comment in the research impressed me:

“The most creative part of my cooking is the food presentation. I actually paint with food. The dish to serve at the table is also significant, combining food and care for the family’s health. I have to present my food on appropriate plates.”

It was fun and inspired me to buy a new dish set. Life is short; buy beautiful serving plates! Ah, I felt satisfied! Best Dinner Sets and hacks


Julie Ohana, LMSW, has always had a passion for cooking. She received a degree in counselling and found joy in helping others. Indulging in her culinary desires, Julie created a culinary art therapy and stated:

“Its benefits are rich and delicious, and include increased self-esteem, team building, enhanced brain development and helping people connect on a deeper interpersonal level.”

Culinary Art Therapy

At Culinary Art Therapy, you can raise your health and nutrition awareness, improve your stress management, learn time management skills and increase your satisfaction. Julie says that cooking challenges the creative side, positively affecting our mental and emotional attitudes.
The kitchen can simply become the new office of psychoanalysis! In the article “Kitchen Therapy: Preparing for Mental Well-Being”, writer Linda Wasmer Andrews talks about the many benefits of cooking to improve mental health. Nourishing, meditative practices through focus, attention, gratitude and joy. These therapies help reduce stress and are widely known to help treat mental health and modern eating disorders.


Do you just hate to cook? Remember the book “I Hate to Cook” by Peg Bracon. My friend had this book. Some say they just don’t know how to cook, so they hate it. Many people hate cooking because it takes too long or is not tasty, but it’s just a lack of experience! However, cooking is not difficult. You usually have to be able to read recipes and follow them. You have to have some sense of mixing the ingredients so you don’t get something challenging and difficult to chew.
Advice for people who hate to cook: One of the things I noticed and experienced first-hand is the lack of necessary equipment – cheap pans, for example. It was challenging to make elementary fried eggs because the eggs stuck, and also, the pain of cleaning the pan after that was not pleasant. Finally, I bought an excellent pan with a non-stick coating and a veil; I got into a fly!
Some people just hate cooking, but we still have to eat. The best news is that there are many ways to eat without spending all your time cooking if that’s really not your thing! Make simple meals. Protein and vegetables, here it is! I do this often. Salmon and asparagus. Roast beef and potatoes. Roast pork and cauliflower. Butter, a little butter. Butter is perfect for most dishes. Put chicken breasts and vegetables on baking paper, sprinkle with olive oil and bake. It is great! Of course, you can cook!

There are some must-have things for the kitchen that you can’t live without! It is not essential if you are a newbie or an experienced professional cook. Enjoy the joy of love cooking.

Here is my list of things that help me every day. All I list is equipment that I have personally tried and tested. Links to purchase these devices are also included and redirect you to Amazon.

A good knife

Buy a real knife for chefs of good quality. It would be best if you had an excellent chopping and cutting knife. You do not need to buy a set of knives. Focus on buying a quality one. Every home or professional chef has a good knife! It became the most used tool in the kitchen and an extension of the hand.

A Quality cutting board

If you are concerned about the price, you can select a quality plastic board. There are many types of boards that I like, such as walnut. But you can buy a bamboo cutting board, for example. Just be sure to buy one for meat and vegetables and fruits. I never use the same board for everything from a hygienic point of view.

The joy of love cooking

Kitchen tongs

I love to use kitchen tongs to move, rotate and turn food with delicate precision. I use them for serving spaghetti, grilling seafood, and meat, taking slices of bread out of the toaster or something I don’t want to touch with my hands to keep from burning.

The joy of love cooking

Silicone brushes

These silicone pastry brushes are the more hygienic alternative to touching with your hands. Whether you are marinating meat, spreading oil on a grill/pan or pastries, they are easy to clean and will always be helpful to you.

The joy of love cooking

A Multifunction blender

These blenders are so easy to use. The blender is a time-saving and easy-to-clean appliance. Want to make a creamy tomato soup? Or maybe even make homemade mayonnaise or hummus? How about a sparkling frappe? I bought this blender more than six months ago, and I can’t imagine cooking without it! Just turn it on and let the settings do all the work.

A Non-stick pan

Finding a non-stick frying pan that matches your qualities is more complicated than you think. I found this non-stick pan a few months ago, and after reading the rave reviews, I placed an order. This great pan is durable and easy to clean, from frying eggs and easy-to-turn omelettes to frying salmon and steaks. It allows seamless transfer from the pan to the plate and really lives up to its non-stick name!
Every cook must have a high-quality pan to cook meat, fish, eggs and vegetables. It is imperative when achieve the best results when cooking at home. An essential feature of a quality pan is that it must be made of stainless steel and with a minimum of five layers of metal to ensure even heating and precise temperature control.

And only for connoisseurs of the joy of cooking with love

The joy of love cooking
Softening the meat before cooking is so important. It helps him cook more evenly and allows the marinade to go deeper. This Meat Tenderizer keeps your meat tight while allowing it to soften to perfection. Ultra-sharp stainless steel needles will enable you to ease and marinate within 5 minutes.
The joy of love cooking
Nobody tells you that cooking can be dangerous. Have you been a victim of grease splashes while cooking? I do, and it hurts like hell. This Splatter Screen prevents greasy clutter, protects your hands and face, acts as a filter, and can be used as a steamer or cooking grill.
The joy of love cooking
I love garlic, but I hate peeling and cutting it. So, of course, I’m open to new things, like this garlic press. Compared to the garlic press I used before, this one is more labour-saving and quite convenient.

Find more shopping options below and get the best Amazon kitchen gadgets!

Our homes are full of kitchens, offices, laundry stuff, and just things. (Sometimes too many things, right?) Some of them are good, others are great, and some of them, no doubt, make us want our money back. What’s great about this list is that it’s full of items you probably need. Yes, this list is full of goodness. If you can’t find something special you like here, you already have everything you need.

Cook with love! Serve with love! Share the joy of love cooking!

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Do everything with love!
Pe Tya

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