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Valentine’s day on slippers

Valentine's day

What do you think about Valentine’s day on slippers? Sentimental or not, in love or lost, the truth is that we humans, when we love intensely, want to somehow testify to love for our loved one.

Feast or not recognized, Valentine’s Day of Love comes every year and is celebrated by many. Many people say it is foolish to witness love one day a year. I agree! But think about how many times you’ve done it in the last week or month. Count on your fingers! I respect the holidays for this very reason. They remind people to pay more attention to each other, gather/be alone, drink, communicate, or make more love.

It is fashionable to celebrate Valentine’s Day with many hearts, cups full of chocolates, or dozens of roses. Almost like in the movies. Please read in full our exciting ideas on how to surprise and impress your partner. If you want to be original and different, trust us.


An unforgettable romantic movie night at home is easy to organize. Today we have many opportunities to watch movies at home. Please choose your favourite movie, whether you’re downloading it or watching it on good old Netflix. Light candles. Sit comfortably on the couch and wrap yourself in a soft blanket. Turn off the leading lights and immerse yourself in the romantic atmosphere of dim lighting and your favourite movie. It is an excellent and cosy option without much money and fuss to celebrate the holiday. If you still want to distinguish the romantic movie night from the usual Sunday, stretch out the extensible sofa in front of the TV screen and cover it with soft pillows warm and fluffy blankets.

It will give you a wonderful place to watch movies. And not only!

And don’t forget to put something to eat on the table next to the sofa. After all, love passes through the stomach, the older people said! Your partner will appreciate your favourite movie even more if a certain amount of delicious food escorts it. Load up on snacks and a bottle of good wine. Make the evening even more magical.


Don’t rush to book hotels with spas right away. You can achieve the same relaxing aromatic atmosphere at home. With the proper preparation and accessories, you will pamper your loved one without spending extra money. Think about the little pamperings you never have time for. Take a hot foot bath with aromatic salts, followed by a foot massage with essential oils. Add a face mask for both of you and with which you will surely impress your loved one. Or invite him to the bathroom, where you have arranged with many candles and the scent of aromatic oils. Here the curtain down!

Finally, choose the softest bath towel or bathrobe if you still decide to make a gift. This way, they will gently caress the naked body and remind of love.


If you pamper your partner with a delicious homemade dinner, you will not go wrong. But cook something different. Gourmet! Think about how spectacular it would be to prepare a romantic dinner yourself. This way, you will testify to your partner that she is an essential part of your world and you have tried to make the evening special. If you doubt your culinary skills, don’t worry. With the festively arranged table, you will get extra points for the most straightforward dish. Dinner in a fine restaurant is a trivial solution and a saving trick on Valentine’s Day for lovers in quotes.

Firstly, place a beautiful vase of flowers and lots of candles on the holiday table for more romance. Pay attention to the arrangement of cups and plates. Pour yourself a glass of good wine and enjoy the romantic atmosphere, your loved one and good food.

Secondly, learn to dance together. If the last time you both danced was at your wedding, plan Valentine’s Day for an evening of dancing at home. Prepare in advance. Search for YouTube footage videos and spend the night learning salsa, bachata, cha-cha or foxtrot. You will end the night a little tired and happy with a lot of laughter.

Or listen to good music, feel the moment, think only of love and meet Valentine’s day at home magnetically!

In other words, if you like these rituals, do them once a month! At least!

And I missed something significant – Children with grandmothers!

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