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Welcome to the porch

13 fatally exciting ways to create a cozy porch

  1. Relax with beach decor

No matter how far you are from the coast, the coastal style reminds us of relaxation. Knitted textures and sunny colors are the basis. Look for furniture with open frames and lighter and cleaner lines – something that the sea breeze can easily pass through. Here a swinging chair gives a feeling of ease and relaxation.


  1. A natural barrier to the sun

A lovely pergola or trellis can extend the use of the porch by blocking the intense sunlight. Here the structure also offers blooming flowers. Potted plants scattered around the porch add a natural element to this open space.

  1. Make it comfortable

Fluffy extra pillows, directional lighting: All these elements help for maximum pleasure and use of the porch. This swing, covered with indoor-outdoor fabric and shaped in super large cords, attracts you to relax. Place a table nearby as a surface to hold cups, decorations, or books.

  1. Use extra amenities

The critical key to making the most of your porch is to include amenities that fit your budget and lifestyle. For some, this may be just a table and chairs for outdoor dining. Others may find that the fireplace increases the pleasure and use of the porch.

  1. Use fabric to add patterns.

A cost-effective solution, fabric, and decorative motifs add individuality to this open space. Try combinations of different motifs and boldly throw yourself into the colors. Bonus: Change the pillowcases when the season or styles change. Both colors are the palette’s main ones; red and blue match incredibly well; adding white, you get a contrast that brightens the palette.

  1. Store more things in style.

The well-made verandas are entirely in line with the rest of the architecture of the home. Try to pick up details – cornices or cladding, floor choices – the design can be integrated inside and out. It is convenient when there is extra storage space for everything: outdoor toys, extra blankets, and pillows. Benches with baskets or tables with storage space under the countertop can be a great addition to the open-air area.

  1. Shield the view.

Window curtains do not have to be only in the house. Long curtains help block out direct sunlight or obscure at least part of the perfect solitude view. Choose a fabric that is easy to wash and will withstand external conditions. Tip: White is always a good choice.

  1. Try a traditional look.

Approach the porch layout as you would make a living room – with comfortable seating in traditional shapes. Try a wicker sofa with curved armrests and deep comfortable armchairs. Black and white is the endless, sophisticated choice, and the graphic print helps to mask the dirt.

  1. Add saturated colors.

Bright shades or bold tones can help draw attention to a particular feature of the porch, whether it is a decoration element or an element of furniture. Painting is an inexpensive way to renovate a porch based on your whims or design needs. Deep orange and bright blue illuminate this veranda like a living sunset over the water – creating a stylish look and a relaxing atmosphere.

  1. Think of new colors.

Ideas for a porch for the summer should not be complicated. Sometimes a simple exchange of color palettes can refresh your porch. With a simple neutral base of gray and beige, it is easy to spray small colored spots, such as citrus tones of lemon and lime, highlight this summer porch’s seating areas.

  1. Boho inspiration for the porch.

If you are decorating a patio for the summer, look for materials withstand rain, fog, dew, and humidity. The design of the covered front porch and the glazed porches allow for a greater variety of fabrics. This bohemian-inspired open veranda features a Mediterranean rug, a leather pouf, a wooden room divider, and macrame lighting with an interesting texture.

  1. High ceiling on the porch.

The view from your patio is breathtaking, so why not enjoy it all year round? The views from this covered veranda facilitate coziness on cooler nights, while the high vaulted ceiling keeps you dry. The vintage chandelier adds charm and gentle lighting to the porch.

  1. Year-round use.

If you live in a more mild and tempered climate, you can enjoy your porch all year round by adding screens and a fireplace. Here the bright-colored bricks on the fireplace are in the same design of the house. The fireplace is surrounded by many seating areas, ensuring that a large group of guests can enjoy the comfort around the fireplace.





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