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Why use white in the interior?

White in the interior

What does white matter?

It is good to understand how the psychology of colours affects the choice of colour in interior design. Colour evokes emotions, so you need to create the right feelings in the fitting room!

Why use white in the interior? White is technically a neutral colour. White colour has all the lights of the colour spectrum, but we just can’t see them because they reflect us. Neutral colours range from white through grey to black.

White in the interior: Colour meanings and associations with white

Sense of purity, hygiene, simplicity, safety, joy, innocence, hope, integrity, enlightenment, individualism, idealism, indecision, optimism, coolness, freshness, sterility, openness, expansiveness, and reflection.

Do you agree with me? Write your associations with white in the interior below in the comments.

You can often associate white interior design with bathrooms, kitchens, art galleries, office buildings, hospitals, doctors ‘and dentists’ offices, veterinary clinics, swimming pools, gyms and changing rooms.

White is one of the most commonly used colours in interior design.

White predominates in places where there is bathing, cleaning or cooking. We can see everything that appears on the white colour and clean it, keeping the surfaces clean and free of germs.

white in the interior

As you can see, a white kitchen is lovely – from the marble floor, lacquered cabinet, stone countertop, tiled walls and whitewashed walls and ceiling. No stains or dirt are not visible in this kitchen!

white kitchen accessories

You can see that white creates a clean and open feeling, a sense of safety and security, and a clean and refined look. You have probably seen many variations of this popular style of kitchen.

White reflects all the light, making the spaces look more significant and used on the ceilings.

white in the interior

White provides a feeling of cleanliness, hygiene, peace and security in the child’s nursery. Plus, the room looks more significant than it is! There is space! That is why it is a good choice for smaller rooms such as a children’s room.

kids’ room white decor

White is always popular for bathrooms, mainly if you use traditional marble. As I mentioned, most ceilings are white because they reflect light and make the room look high.
White gives freshness and is very suitable for hot environments; elegant and straightforward. As you can see, it combines very well with wood and plants.

People use it a lot because most fittings and fixtures are white. There are tendencies to switch to other coloured fittings and fixtures, but white is the most popular. It gives us a clear feeling of cleanliness and good hygiene, as long as we keep it clean!

white bathroom accessories

If you start with white walls and gradually add colours around them, this is a safe way to get satisfaction and not overdo the colours.

It is a perfect colour when you start decorating your home.

White is an excellent background for displaying works of art, as it allows the viewer to focus on the art and not be distracted by the colours on the walls.

white wall and pictures

This colour is commonly used for modern interiors, so the shape of the structure and the overall architecture are the focal points.

It creates a great contrast. You have often seen black and white checkered flooring in bathrooms and kitchens. Use all neutral colours in the interior and emphasise another colour – try red. White also combines well with black precisely because it creates a stunningly bright contrast.

black and white

You can always combine it with other colours. Combined with yellow, it creates a fresh feeling, and with red, it looks chic. With blue, it provides a sea sound. You can connect any colour with white, and you will not go wrong. That is why it is so famous in the interior.

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